The vision of marketers doesn’t change. But the tools change, the media channels change, the analytics capabilities change. And it all gets broader, deeper and more complex. The difference from 25 years ago to today is nothing short of astonishing. Can you imagine how marketing is going to evolve over the next 25 years?

The one thing that is certain? We all need to evolve - to get better, more precise tools for developing marketing strategy, because strategy is the thing. Seeing the whole chessboard and moving the right pieces at the right time for the right impact...

We know how to do this, but it is hard and complex and nowhere near as much fun and exciting as the creative part of marketing and advertising. But, this is the direction we are heading, and only the best, smartest and most prepared will survive.

Have you evolved?

Audience Segmentation

Who is your customer? Who is your target audience?

Most have a pretty good sense of this, but what happens when “a pretty good sense” is not enough? When you want a precise target audience definition?

C12 Categories is our proprietary segmentation process. Much like Aristotle’s seminal work on categorical methodologies, C12 Categories allows us to develop the framework for understanding your target audience. And that is where it all begins. It is the basis for everything that follows.

C12 Categories uses demographics, behavioral and media consumption variables, among others, to develop a truly precise segmentation model.

C12 Categories also includes sufficient attitudinal and psychographic variables to add serious insight into the mind of your customers.

Have you evolved?

Media Strategy

Today more than ever, every media dollar spent is scrutinized. There are so many different channels and so many ways of delivering a message to a target audience. How do we know what truly works?

Perhaps more importantly, how do we know all that money spent on communicating a message will have the desired impact?

What happens if we spend a little more money? Will that strengthen our plan or have no effect? What if we cut our budget - will that have a negative effect?

C12 Media provides a way to get at these questions. Utilizing our proprietary Galileo system of measurement, we can finally provide an estimate of the type of impact you can realistically expect to see at different spend levels.

Have you evolved?

Polling Strategy

Elections are interesting. For some they are fun, for others they are mind numbing, but for those intimately involved they are an opportunity to change the world for the better.

Political polling has become big business, particularly at the national level. So many pollsters and so many differing results. Who’s to be believed?

Most now turn to the aggregators - those who combine dozens or more of the most accurate polls and create their own statistical model for election results.

But what if there was something better, more accurate? A different type of behavioral model? A different type of analytic procedure that can help us build a more accurate turn out model, a more accurate picture of likelihood of winning and why? Something that was not a statistical estimate, but a mathematical measurement?

C12 Galilei leverages our proprietary Galileo system of measurement to create a next generation political polling and forecast modeling. There is literally nothing else like it.

Have you evolved?

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